HSP121BT-1RU Installation Instructions

1. Remove power from equipment to be protected.
2. Mount Edco HSP121BT Series in a UL approved housing. Keep all leads as short as possible (less than 3 feet).
3. Position unit within the equipment cabinet so that the fuse holder will be accessible should the fuse need replacing.
4. Secure HSP using up to six screws to fit 3/16″ hole openings. Use sheet metal or wood screws depending on the
mounting surface.
5. Make sure wiring from power sources properly connects to LINE side of HSP (torque to 7 in. lbs.). Wiring from protected
equipment must properly connect to EQUIP side of HSP (torque to 7 in. lbs.).
6. Indication of internal failure:
a. Indicator will extinguish.
b. Fuse blown will disconnect load from power source.
7. Connect only to 120 VAC, 15 Amp Max., single phase, three wire circuit.
WARNING:Disconnect AC source before replacing fuse.
For continued protection against risk of fire, replace only with same type rating of fuse (3AB,15A/250V).