Are you ready for lightning season?

Each year, the National Weather Service conducts programs during Lightning Safety Awareness Week to educate the public about personal and home safety. This is also an excellent reminder to re-evaluate the surge protection in place for your business. Is all of your critical hardware and data protected with the appropriate surge suppression devices? Do you have backup SPDs on hand to quickly replace any sacrificed during a power event?

Lightning can generate electric surges strong enough to damage electronic equipment quite a distance from the actual strike. It can travel through the electrical, phone, plumbing, and radio/television reception systems. Whether from a surge, transient, a spike or just “dirty” power – your facility may be vulnerable to power problems that can result in costly hardware repairs, lost revenue from downtime and significant data loss. Not to mention the impact on your reputation when your systems are down, and you can’t provide products or services on schedule.

Edco Surge Protection products are well known for their reliability and cost effectiveness. Call us now for assistance with the appropriate surge suppressors to protect your crucial data and equipment (941-355-8822). We have experienced personnel and licensed electricians available to help you select the properly rated surge protection devices you need to protect your business or facility. Don’t let your productivity suffer due to power disruption.

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