Data and Power Surges

Power surges are one of the most common dangers to computers and other electronic equipment. Although they are virtually unavoidable, appropriate surge suppression can mitigate their impact.

With exponentially increasing amounts of data captured, monitored and relied upon by businesses across all industries, these electrical surges and spikes – especially as related to data  – can have a major impact on any company’s bottom line.  The impact can include lost revenue and productivity, damaged data, and even legal repercussions.  Surge protection systems are increasingly an integral component of commercial and public facilities.

The majority of voltage spikes or surges are actually caused by problems inside the facility where the equipment is located.  The remainder originates externally – most commonly at the local electric company.  Given the range of potential causes, surge suppression devices (SPDs) should be installed in a tiered manner – starting at service entrances, placed secondarily at distribution panels, and then finally at the physical device level.

Are you doing everything you can to prevent data disruptions or loss in your facility?

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